Senior .NET Developers/Consultants

Work from home | Melbourne | Brisbane | Full-time or part-time

$120K – $140K + super 

Who are SixPivot?

We are a group of people who love building quality software. We think software works best when developers can see the big picture. For us, it isn’t just knowing what someone wants to create that is important, we also want to understand why they want to create it.

We’re big on cloud innovation and work with our customers to deliver awesome software. We’re thoughtful about the projects we take on and lean towards high social impact – we think it’s important everyone is proud of the work they do. Ownership is in our DNA and you’ll be trusted to work autonomously, we find projects thrive when developers have ownership and trust.

What’s the job like?

We’ll check in with you on what projects you prefer and for how long. There’s a variety from long term projects spanning over multiple years, to short term projects for 6 months. We always revisit what works best – and there will never be a situation where you get dropped into a project every other week (unless that’s what you want).

The nice thing about being a consultant is you’ll have the ability to shape and evolve projects that work for you and the customer. As a SixPivot consultant our customers will trust you and your advice, CTO’S and CIO’s will listen to your suggestions and take them on board.

Mentoring will be a great part of your job and you’ll get to help your peers at SixPivot, as well as the development teams and managers from our customers. On many projects, our customers haven’t had the chance to work with a breadth of technology, and you’ll be part of guiding them toward best software development practices.

You’ll get to own the project and solve the problem. We want you to have your own ideas, roll them out and execute with little red tape in your way. We generally target greenfield projects – we think they’re the most rewarding. You’re really going to like working with us if you enjoy driving change in your team and introducing new concepts.

A little about the tech side of things:

  • Our projects are in the Microsoft stack, think .NET and C#
  • On the front we use Angular, React, Vue, TypeScript (whichever is the right fit for the job really)
  • Every project has CI/CD pipelines we like TeamCity, Octopus Deploy or Azure DevOps (again whichever is best for the job and the customer)
  • In the world of clouds, we like Azure but we wouldn’t turn down AWS or GCP either
  • Testing? Yes. We’re big fans and get excited by a well written unit test.
  • And we work in the ways of agile

Don’t get tied up in the details. If you’re missing a piece we should still talk. We think great developers can adjust to different tech stacks relatively easily. We’re interested in getting to know devs who have worked on a range of different projects and technologies.

What we offer you

We are happily competitive with remuneration and believe in paying our team above market rates. We’ll have transparent conversations with you on salary and negotations will be in line with your skills and experience.

Flexibility and balance are important to us, we trust our people to work from home or your preferred location. That might look like starting late or finishing early to do the school pickups or ducking out to make appointments. It’s not about being in an office, what’s more important is the outcome and what you contribute to building high quality software. If working from home doesn’t suit you best, we also have an office in South Brisbane as well as a co-working space in Melbourne that you can work from.

We’ll make sure you have the right tools with our device allowance, and you’ll be able to choose what hardware works for you.

We offer additional leave, up to 5-6 weeks in total (we’ll bring this up when we’re finalising your package). And we have an extra holiday bonus, 2 days each year over the Christmas and New Year period.

There’s also a fully paid one-night getaway at the end of the year for you and your partner, it’s a social get together for the team. 

And of course, we offer a team of technical brilliance. You’ll be part of a team where your technical knowledge will not only grow, but you’ll also learn how a product goes commercial and the overall business processes around it. If you’ve ever wanted to build your own product and learn how to go to market, we’ll encourage and foster that growth. We want you to be part of something bigger.  

Let’s keep talking

If we sound interesting, we’re always open to a chat – we’ll never pass on the opportunity to get to know more people. We know that timing can really influence change, and if it’s your time to move on, and you think SixPivot could be a good fit. Please say hello.

In the spirit of transparency our interview process has four stages; an initial chat, cultural interview, a take home technical puzzle and a technical interview. If you don’t pass the technical component the first time, you might be eligible for our mentoring program.

We operate a little bit differently with job offers and work without time constraints. We have job offers with people who are starting with us in 6 and 12 months time. Whatever the case may be, when you have a job offer from SixPivot, it will always be standing.

Getting a conversation started with us is easy. Shoot across an online profile or resume, what you have on your website/StackOverflow/LinkedIn will do the trick. We want our conversations to be organic and ensure saying hello is accessible for everyone, even if they’re busy. We like getting to know people and look forward to more people getting to know us.

Looking forward to chats.

– ThePivots

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